Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friendship Is....

Hey, all! Merry Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve! Haha! Anyway....

A coupla weeks ago, my English teacher gave my class an assignment to make a small paragraph with an abstract noun (we're reviewing for semester tests) Just in case any of you would be interested in reading it.... Here it is!

Friendship is....

            a treasure that never loses its worth.
            lending a shoulder to cry on.
            laughing at every joke. (even when they stop being funny)
            smiling and waving as we pass each other in the halls.
            staying up all night chatting on the phone no matter how tired I am.
            sharing nail polish.
            entrusting secrets in each other.
            never turning my back when times are bad.

This is friendship.

I think that this is a truer description of friendship than I have ever heard. Also, a wise man once said that friendships are like tootsie pops... They're sweet and last.... until you bite them. Never bite, and it will last forever.

I have/had many friends in my life. One of them i consider a sister. I have known her all of my life! Others, I only knew for a short time. My elementary life was scattered, so I never could get too close to anyone because I never knew if I'd stay in one place or go to another. Others still, I go to church with and hope to hold a friendship with them forever and to see them in heaven. I hope you all have someone like that.

As I mentioned before, I've been reviewing for semester tests. That means I'll be busy STUDYING (as much as I hate it). That, combined with Christmas and New years, I might not be back on for a while.

If I'm not back by Christmas... I hope yours is a good one! Remember: Jesus is the reason for the season. A Happy New Year, too!

So, in the words of Prince Naveen, Abinata!