Monday, January 21, 2013

Les Miserables

I just saw probably the most beautiful movie in all of history: Les Mis. I loved it the music, and the theme.

This movie has no one story: it is many stories, woven together. It is the story of a criminal who had nothing, and because of a generous, godly man he gained a lot and came to Christ.

It is the story of an employee of this former criminal, who had it all, but lost it when the father of her daughter took it, and was just trying to get by, when she was cast aside because of her past, the former criminal not even batting an eye.

When this woman is on her deathbed, the former criminal realizes what he had indirectly done to her, and promises to find and raise her daughter, who is working for a cruel, conniving innkeeper and his wife in exchange for board and care. Once this man finds the girl, his heart is filled with hope and love for the first time in this life.

This is also the story of a young boy who dreams of revolution, but falls in love with this girl the moment he sees her.

The way these stories weave together is what makes this story beautiful. Almost every line in the movie was sung, which added to the musicality. What I loved the most was the theme that the grace of God is the only way to live, and leads us to those we love.

Granted, this story has it's REALLY sad points, too. I'll let you watch them for yourself and find out what they are, but I'm just warning you.

This movie is accurately rated- there are some gorey scenes, and some... suggestive elements at times.... so don't take kids to the movie. But don't miss out on this beautiful story of redemption and love!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Darkness in Entertainment Media

I have recently discovered something that troubles me. It has to do with the favor of society when it comes to  entertainment.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have posted two stories on, both taking place in the same setting. One was a full story that I thought was one of my best works, which began and ended  happily. Over the next few weeks after I posted it, it received a few hits here and there, but no reviews at all.

Soon after, I posted a single chapter of another story which I didn't think was as good, but wanted to get an opinion on it: this one went straight into the conflict, which was, in a way, dark. Almost immediately after posting it, I received a rave review, saying nothing bad about the story itself (they did, however, correct me on my grammar).

Why is it that a really good story, with a happy ending, doesn't get any response after several days, when a relatively bad story, with a dark plot, gets a positive review after mere minutes? Why do people enjoy dark plots more than happy plots?

Is it that society today is so accustomed to sad endings, that they are surprised at something that actually ends happily? I can't say that I understand this in the least. My bad story wasn't even finished! And, looking over it, I realize that the plot is so dark that I don't feel comfortable going through with the project any further.

Truth be told, the dark story also hasn't gotten any reviews since that first day, but still- it got more response than what I consider the better story: I posted that story two weeks ago, with no reviews, and I posted the bad story ONE week ago, and it got two reviews on the first day it was posted. (granted, one of those was from my best friend, so I don't count that)

WHY does a dark plot get a better response over a happy one?!?