Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Genesis 9:18-25

During my Bible reading today, I came across the passage referenced in the title of this post. For those of you who don't recognize the reference, here is the story:

After the great flood, Noah and his family leave the ark. Noah grows a vineyard, makes some wine, and gets himself drunk, and naked. His sons find out, and cover him. Then, Noah gets sober, and starts yelling at Ham, father of Canaan, whose name he curses, for "what his youngest son had done to him,"

My first reaction: definitely not a side of the story that is taught in Sunday School. Why was it that the sole man who God spared, and whose family He spared in the great flood, right after he gets back on dry land... does something completely opposite of what a supposed man of God would do.

Can someone explain this to me? And what did Ham do that made Noah curse his own grandson? All I see that Ham did, in this passage at least, was tell his older brothers that their father was drunk and naked. Is there some faux pas from Old Testament times that I am missing here?

Explanations in the comments section would be much appreciated!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

United We Spy

I recently read the last Gallagher Girls book, and you can read my review on AAB. What I want to talk about here is questions that came up for me which weren't addressed in the book. Spoilers!

1. When did Townsend get together with Catherine, and why? He's been hunting the Circle since probably before Zach was born...

2. Why did Catherine hate the Gallagher Girls? Did she get bullied when she went to the school? Or was she just excluded? Did she not feel like she belonged there?

3. Wouldn't Rachel and Catherine have been in the same class at the Gallagher Academy? I wonder if they knew each other and ever talked, if they were.

4. Are Grant and Jonas for Blackthorne's new objective, or its old? Are they members of the Circle? Do they even still go to Blackthorne?

5. How was Zach able to see that what his mother did was evil, when he grew up learning the Circle's proverbs?

6. How/when was Zach able to accept who his father was, and start forging a relationship with him?

7. What will the underclassmen do while the Gallagher Mansion is being rebuilt? Will they hold classes elsewhere, or will they attend public school for the duration of re-construction?

8. Why did  they call Amirah "queen" of Caspia when Liz said she was second in line for the throne? Wouldn't that mean that there is someone else who would be king/queen before Amirah could claim her crown?

9. Why was Liz given the tests with the abstract questions to begin with? If they hadn't asked her how she would start World War III, then none of this would have happened! I don't accept that something as big as that would just be a result of the fact that she was not a spy kid.

10. WHO IS CARL? That name might not ring any bells, but it's from the first book, when Anna was in the drugstore in Roseville and was ambushed by Dillon. Freaked out, she blurts that she has a boyfriend, whose name is Carl, and Cammie notes that she didn't look like she was lying. So who was/is Carl, and how did Anna know him?

So that's all. if you can answer any of them, feel free!