Saturday, September 5, 2015


I have a hard time writing very often. I enjoy it, and want to get better at it so I can be one of the greats some day, but it's hard. Sometimes, I can't decide what my character is like, and how to portray that in one story without huge descriptions that bore people to tears. I have big events planned out in my head, but the smaller ones in between are hard to write, what with smooth transitions, especially to the big scenes. I rarely come up with original ideas, at least that's what I think. One of my biggest fears is that I'll write something similar to a really popular story I've read, not realizing what I've done until I get called out on it.

Since I've gotten out of writing as of late, I've been trying to do it more, but sometimes other things interest me more. Video games often seem more fun, with their stories and colorful characters. I don't have to do anything besides go along with it. Unfortunately, that means I'm not being productive, and little to no writing gets done in a day I get sucked into something like Pokémon.

I like writing, I really do- I love seeing words from my head appear in front of me. I love knowing that I'm good at something creative, something people like. But,  how do I fight the overwhelming urge to be the consumer instead of the creator?

Can anyone sympathize with me here? Any advice?

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